How to turn off Amber alerts on your iPhone

I was just startled when my iPhone started blaring at me.. the sound was a mix between a bombing raid siren and a fire alarm.. not pleasant.

Turns out that an Amber alert was issued in California (mind you.. far far away from me), and it’s a “feature” in the phone to let you know. While I certainly do hope that the missing children are found, and I can see only the best intentions in passing this alert on.. I assume many folks would like to turns this off.

Here’s a quick guide:

1) Go to the “Settings” option in your iPhone Home Screen

2) Go to the “Notifications” section

3) Scroll all the way down

4) Under “Government Alerts” you can toggle on/off the Amber and Emergency alerts.

I have left the emergency alerts on.. who knows maybe it will save me one day if I’m in a flood zone, and don’t realize it’s raining.. or if there’s a tsunami coming…

iPhone Notifications screen shot

iPhone Notifications screen shot