A Simple Rule for Lottery Pools

A few weeks back I wrote about buying lottery tickets and whether it was a good investment or not. Well, turns out that low odds are not the only thing working against you!

In the historic Mega Million jackpot last month, over $600 million was awarded to lucky folks, although not without any controversy. One of the alleged winners was actually part of an office pool, however she claimed that she bought the winning ticket separately, and therefore the winnings were all her’s!

I’ve read a few blogs and articles discussing this, and whether she should have been a part of the pool if she was buying her own tickets (or vice-versa), whether she should share the $$ with the pool, etc.

While I don’t have the answer to these questions, I do have a simple rule to avoid getting into this type of situation in first place: Scan the lottery tickets, and e-mail them to all pool participants! Ok, some folks may not have a scanner ready – but there’s plenty of options here. Photocopiers are everywhere, digital cameras are very common, and let’s not even mention camera phones and smart phones.

Just like with any potentially important transaction, make a record of it, and keep it just in case.