Subscribe and Save

Subscription type purchases have been common for ages, so it’s no wonder that Amazon has a “Subscribe and Save” service where you can.. well.. subscribe, and save. (quite self explanatory). My question though is what the true benefit to the consumer here is. An advocate could bring up several points:

  1. Savings: If you already need to purchase this product, why not subscribe and get a discount for doing so?
  2. Convenience: Stuff you need shows up at your door, you just need to receive and open the package. Assuming you select the right frequency and quantity, you won’t run out of the desired item, and can save yourself an emergency trip or two to the local store.
  3. Support your favorite store (if you care to do so).

I can surely see items that require regular orders – groceries, pet food & supplies, etc. However, there are certain items that I am not sure why you’d want a regular deliver for – like this Headlight Restoration System deal! I have nothing against this product, but I am a bit confused here – would I really need this product every month and if so, wouldn’t that imply that it’s not really good quality? In all fairness, I could set the deliveries to be less frequent, and even manually skip a few, but still… this is just not an item I envision needing to purchase in regular intervals.

The good part is that Amazon has really great and easy to use setup for the “Subscribe and Save” feature, allowing painless subscription management. You can cancel at any time, or change the delivery frequency, and they even send you a reminder email before shipping the product out! So no harm in signing up, checking the product out, and then adjusting your future orders accordingly.